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proven " Tax Back System "

  gets more tax back quicker!


Our closely guarded "express tax back system" solves the single biggest complaint about tax back companies. The other companies could get you a refund, they are too slow with your money.

It was designed for backpackers, travellers & students to guarantee the maximum tax refund possible in the shortest time.

We are happy to give you a Free Quote on how much you will get.

It does not matter when or where in Australia you worked, it is never too late or too early to claim your Australian tax back. Did you know you can claim your tax refund for any jobs in Australia for up to the last 7 years?

No upfront payment. We will take out the low fee once we have secured you refund.

lost your paper work?   

Don't worry, our "document recovery team" will contact your employer on your behalf and retrieve all the necessary documents.

Our policy is "No Refund-No Fee" basis. If you are not entitled to a tax refund we do not charge a fee.

With our many payment methods, you can decide how you will receive your refund.

did it yourself & received no money? 

Our "tax back checker" can correct any mistakes, to get you the refund that you are entitled to.

Our policy is "no refund no fee" policy there is no risk to you. It is free to find out if there is more money.


going home? get your tax back now!


If you are leaving Australia, you can get your tax back now and have it deposited into your Australian bank account before you depart.

Working to the very last day? Let our office organise the paperwork before you finish work. We will collect the paperwork from you employer and organise your tax back and super refund.

Your money can then be deposited into any bank account, in any country or we can post a cheque.

not in Australia - no problems!

Our clients are worldwide so we specialise in clients not in Australia. Plus we give the best refunds, have the easiest documents and the cheapest prices. But there is more!

You are guaranteed to get your money! We are also members of National Tax & Accountants' Association (NTAA) and operate a trust bank account (escrow account) where all tax refunds are deposited. This bank account is checked and verified. In addition we are fully insured!

We have been in business for over 20 years and offer the Guaranteed Refund Service. Your tax refunds can be directly deposited into any bank account, in any country, you can't go wrong!   

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