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super refund - is our little secret 


no documents required, just apply online


With our "Super Refund System" and knowledge of the Australian DASP system, we will get you more of your superannuation money that was withheld when you worked in Australia.  

The DASP system is a complicated system designed y the Australian Tax Office, but our accountants has an extensive knowledge of this system. Our office will get your super refund quick and easy.

 With our no refund no fee policy there is no risk to you.

Unfortunately, Australian and New Zealand residents will need to wait for retirement before they can access this money. 

expresstax are the superannuation refund specialist

  • We find your super money for you
  • We claim back your super refund back
  • We wire the super refund money to you

claiming your super refund is easy
with our 5 minute online application


get tax back



How long does it take?

With our close links with superfunds we know how to streamline your claim. It usually 4-6 weeks but it depends on how many super accounts we can locate for you and which superfund you are a member of. Some refunds only take 2 weeks

What is the fee?

It is free to get a super refund quote but if you decide to proceed with our service, we’ll charge a fee. Generally the fee is deducted from your refund so you won’t have to pay anything upfront. Find out more about our fees, you can send us an email with your superfund details.

How much will I get back?

We can calculate a quote for you but we will need your current super account balance. Calculating a quote based on payslip figures is not accurate. This is because every fund charges annual management fees and insurance premiums and so on.

 I do not have my superfund details.

 Express Tax will locate your lost super accounts. We search lost super for all our clients.

How do I get paid?

There are 4 options for transfer of payment: International bank transfer, Australian bank transfer, cheque or Paypal.

I lost my passport.

No problems. We can claim your super back. Please contact our office.

I am an Australian or New Zealand resident.

Sorry, you are not eligible for early refund of super.


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